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Smart R&D

Samyang R&D Center has grown with
the Korean chemical industry
since its establishment in 1979.

We are conducting research and development with
the goal to be Smart R&D Center which provides
customized integration solutions based on One More
Value technology and product development.

By conducting research on the synthesis and processing
of engineering plastics, Samyang R&D Center developed High-flow PC through synthesis technologies for achieving
lightweight and small-sized materials, Branched PC with enhanced formability in the state of being molten and
Silicon Polycarbonate polymers with excellent low temperature high-impact, flame-retardant and chemical resistance.
With Samyang R&D center’s compounding technologies on the base resins above, we developed sophisticated advanced
engineering plastics with the properties of high heat-resistance, safety against ultraviolet rays and more.

Research Field

Maintain maximum performance in existing businesses by developing differentiated technologies/products through continuous basic and applied research and digital innovation. We aim to build new technologies in the future and integrated solutions for future vehicles and environment-friendly sectors, preparing for the upcoming global and future society.

  • Specialty Resin & Monomer

    PC(Silicon, high-heat resistance, high hardness), TPEE, Eco-friendly Materials, Eco-friendly Materials

  • Engineering Plastic

    Future Automotive Solutions, Low Dielectric Materials, AI Modeling

  • Composite & 3D Printing

    Lightweight Materials(LFT, Composite), Low-temperature Output PC

Color Lab

Samyang corporation has developed coloring
system that can implement various materials
and colors that customers want by utilizing
big data and AI.

If you visit Samyang Color Lab, you can
measure and predict the customized colors
you want through Samyang own coloring

* You can consult with related inquiries through 'Inquiry'.


Emotional & Trendy Colors

At Samyang Color Lab, you can check out various trendy colors including Pantone Color of the Year which you can apply to our emotional materials.

History of Samyang R&D Center


August, 2020

Awarded IR52(Industrial Technology Research) Jang, Young-sil Prize(Metalinus)

July, 2019

Developed Compound Color AI Modeling(Samyang Color)

May, 2019

Opened Color Lab & Show-room

April, 2019

Awarded by Minister of Science & ICT(Republic of Korea) Prize (Silicon PC and three other materials)

August, 2017

Founded Automotive Materials Development Team

November, 2012

Developed Silicon Polycarbonate(Si-PC)


September, 2009

Developed & Commercialized Printer Toner Binder Resin

December, 2007

Acquired ISO/TS 16949 Certificate

March, 2007

Developed Automotive CVJB materials in Republic of Korea (Samyang Kasei R&D Center)

February, 2007

Approved as GE Global Material(PC, PC/ABS, TPEE)

November, 2006

Hosted SPE(Society of Polymer Engineering) Korea

January, 2006

Separated Samyang R&D Center(Medical, Kasei, Industrial Materials)

May, 2000

Combined Chemical R&D Center and Bio-pharmaceutical R&D Center as Samyang R&D Center


February, 1995

Hosted International Academic Symposium

October, 1994

Awarded Suture Patented Technology Prize

August, 1993

Relocated to Daedeok Innopolis(formerly known as Daedeok Science Town)

September, 1992

Renamed as Samyang Group R&D Center and founded Bio-pharmaceutical R&D Center

April, 1992

Awarded Order of Industrial Service Merit(Silver Tower) by the President of Republic of Korea


January, 1986

Awarded Order of Industrial Service Merit(Gold Tower) by the President of Republic of Korea

April, 1979

Founded Samyang R&D Center