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Case Study

Samyang AM BU is conducting research and development of cutting-edge new materials through
synthesis and processing research of engineering plastics such as PC, PBT, and PET.

Si-PC Material applied to dyson

Case Study No.9 2021.04.26

Development History

Polycarbonate (PC) is a material with excellent mechanical properties and transparency, and is widely used in electrical and electronic devices, automobiles, and optical materials. Among them, PCs used for electronic devices maintain high transparency to reflect aesthetic design trends, and the necessity of applying specialty PCs with various characteristics is gradually increasing. In accordance with the recent industrial design trend, plating and painting processes are being added to add a luxurious feel to the housing and surface of electronic devices. For this process, transparency is maintained, chemical resistance is secured, and the need to develop materials with flame retardancy and impact resistance is gradually increasing. Through the introduction of Si-PC, the development of materials optimized for products is in progress that meets the characteristics of market requirements.



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