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Eco-friendly Materials PCM (Post Consumer Material)

  • PC
  • Food Container
  • Home Goods

PCM (Post consumer material) refers to a material that is recycled from consumer waste. It provides CO2 reduction.


  • CO2 reduction effect

  • Eco-friendly

  • Waste reduction effect

CO2 Reduction effect

  • Reduction effect of CO2 by using PCM material

  • Reduction of CO2 in 1 pine tree: 5 kg/year

  • Amount of CO2 generated when manufacturing 1 kg of polycarbonate: 7.6 kg

Waste reduction effects

PCM (Post Consumer Material)

Products recovered from waste generated after use by consumers

Waste reduction effect

PIM (Post Industrial Material)

Products made from recycled and not delivered to consumers
in the production process

No waste reduction effect


Comparison of Material Characteristics
with PCM compared to New Material

When PCM is applied, CO2 is reduced.
It has equivalent physical properties to that
of neat materials.


  • Charger

  • Earphone Housing

  • Notebook Housing

  • TV Housing

  • Smartphone Case


Grade Materials Characteristics Applications Datasheet
TRIECO 3D30 PC PCM Electric&Electronic 파일
TRILOY EM230W PC/ABS MF Reinforced,Flame Retardance (V0) OA 파일
TRIREX EM3022U PC Unreinforced,Impact Modifiered Industrial,Electric&Electronic 파일 파일
TRIREX 3025PN1 PC Unreinforced,Flame Retardance (V0),General Electric&Electronic 파일 파일
TRIREX 3025GR12 PC Flame Retardance (V0),Weather Resistance Electric&Electronic 파일 파일
TRIREX 3025GR10 PC Flame Retardance (V0),Weather Resistance Electric&Electronic 파일 파일